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Getting the Most from Your E-Juice

It’s easy to get caught up in the technology behind electronic cigarettes, but if your e-juice isn’t performing, no amount of battery power or ease of use will make up for it. If you are going to be successful in making the switch to electronic cigarettes, the e-juice needs to provide the ultimate in flavor and vapor.

When to change your e-juice cartomizer

Each Green Smoke® e-juice cartomizer lasts approximately 30 cigarettes, but since e-smoking offers more freedom than traditional smoking, the 30 cigarette mark could be a bit difficult to pinpoint. What do we mean?

Well, with traditional cigarettes, once you light up, you’re locked in. With electronic cigarettes, the e-juice can be enjoyed one puff at a time. That means you’ll need to be able to recognize the signs that your e-juice is running low.

The best way to tell is when the flavor starts to seem a bit thin and unsatisfying. Of course, this can also happen with your battery needs a charge, so make sure to attach a fresh battery to your cartomizer before throwing it out. If the flavor is still too mild with a fresh battery, or if it tastes burnt at all, then the e-juice cartomizer is the culprit, and should be replaced.

Electronic Cigarette FlavorMax Cartomizers

Store e-juice cartomizers in a cool, dry place

Green Smoke® e-juice cartomizers are flavor-sealed for freshness, but you can extend the life of your e-liquid even longer by making sure to store your cartomizers in a cool, dry place. Refrigeration isn’t necessary, but cabinets and pantries – usually designed to keep perishable food at its best – are excellent places to store your e-juice cartomizers.

Try to avoid keeping your e-juice supply in your car or in front of an open window where the temperatures can fluctuate, particularly in the summer.

Charge your batteries properly

When your Green Smoke® e-cigarette batteries are new, you will always get the best flavor and vapor from your e-juice cartomizer. The better you care for your batteries, the longer this will last.

Make sure to remove your battery from the charger as soon as the light goes out, and take special care to avoid charging overnight. This can reduce the lifespan of your batteries, as well as their power, meaning your e-juice might not perform as well as it would otherwise.

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