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Green Smoke® E-Liquid: Why it’s Superior

It’s probably no surprise that we here at Green Smoke® think our e-liquid is the best on the market, but it’s not just our pride that tells us that. Reviewers and customers agree wholeheartedly. We think that’s because we decided any old e-liquid or cartomizer wouldn’t do. Instead, we developed FlavorMax™ technology.

FlavorMax™ brings out the Best in E-Liquid

We were already pioneers of the e-liquid cartomizer movement, but then in 2011 we took it to the next level with the creation of FlavorMax™ technology.

Old cartomizers lasted only a short time and were susceptible to clogging, which greatly impacted the flavor of the e-liquid inside. FlavorMax™ cartomizers, on the other hand, provide up to 30 cigarettes worth of e-liquid, and the flavor is as good on the last puff as the first. They are sealed to preserve the e-liquid’s freshness, and once the seal is removed, the e-liquid remains fresh for up to two weeks.

Our E-Liquid Flavors Give You Plenty of Options

With traditional smoking, your options are limited. That’s why we try to give you as many flavor options as possible with our FlavorMax™ e-liquid cartomizers.

For those looking to closely mimic the flavor of traditional smoking, we offer three tobacco flavors: Absolute Tobacco, Red Label Tobacco and Tobacco Gold. If you are a menthol smoker, our Menthol Ice e-liquid gives you the cooling mint you’re looking for. Ready to branch out? Try our Mocha Mist, Smooth Chocolate or Vanilla Dreams.

All come packaged in our FlavorMax™ cartridges, and all provide superior e-liquid flavor and vapor.

Electronic Cigarette FlavorMax Cartomizers

We Let You Control Your Nicotine Intake

With traditional smoking, you could choose full flavor, light or ultra light, but it was hard to know how much nicotine you were really getting. At Green Smoke®, we are as open about our e-liquid’s nicotine levels as we are about its other components.

Just look at our FlavorMax™ e-liquid cartomizers and you’ll see a percentage next to each flavor level. That tells you how much of the e-liquid in your electronic cigarette is composed of nicotine. Want more information that that? Just contact us, and our dedicated customer service representatives will tell you everything you need to know.

Want to try superior e-liquid from a company focused on quality and customer satisfaction?

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