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What is a Green Smoke® Electric Cigarette?

Green Smoke® electric cigarette are rapidly becoming the cigarette of choice for many smokers worldwide. By far the main reason these smokers are choosing electric cigarettes is because they can be smoked almost anywhere. Smokers can still enjoy the rich cigarette flavor that they want (and that they deserve!) without offending anyone with cigarette odors or ash. Why? Because Green Smoke® electric cigarettes don't produce any!

Instead, electric cigarettes vaporize a flavorful nicotine solution when inhaled by a smoker, and provide the same experience as traditional smoking.

Smokers can now enjoy their cigarettes without having to leave family gatherings, restaurants, bars or sporting events. They can stay exactly where they are and still enjoy their cigarette.

Below are a number of frequently asked questions that newcomers ask about Green Smoke® electric cigarettes:

How Do I Smoke a Green Smoke® Electric Cigarette?

The same way you smoke a regular cigarette - put it to your lips and inhale. The rich, flavorful vapor enters your lungs and when you exhale a thick vapor cloud escapes your lips. It looks and feels just like traditional smoking and there's absolutely nothing new that you need to learn!

What Does a Green Smoke® Electric Cigarette Look Like? What are its parts?

A Green Smoke® electric cigarettes looks and feels just like a traditional cigarette. It contains 2 parts: a rechargeable battery, which resembles the body of a regular cigarette, and a flavored cartomizer which looks like the cigarette's filter. When screwed together these 2 pieces look just like the cigarettes you're used to. The tip even glows red when you inhale, simulating a traditional cigarette. No one will ever guess that you're ever smoking anything different!

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Do I have to Compromise on Flavor and Smoke Volume with Green Smoke® Electric Cigarettes?

In the summer of 2011, we released our FlavorMax™ Cartomizers. These cartomizers were immediately hailed as one of the best in the cigarette industry for their rich flavor and impressively high smoke volume. One industry reviewer questioned whether they should even be compared to other electric cigarettes. He suggested that the flavor and smoke volume they produced were even better than traditional cigarettes!

So no, there's no worry that you would need to give up on what you value most in your cigarette – its flavor and smoke volume.

Can I Really Smoke Them Wherever I Want To?

Our electric cigarettes emit no cigarette odors and therefore will not disturb anyone. That being said, our cigarettes look so much like traditional cigarettes and the vapor they produce looks so much like traditional cigarette smoke, that it's usually a good idea to check with the establishment before you start smoking it.

All Green Smoke® Starter Kits contain an official Green Smoke® membership card which explains that what you're carrying is not a cigarette and what it emits is not smoke. Usually there isn't a problem using it once the business establishment understands what an electric cigarette is.

How Much Do Green Smoke® Electric Cigarettes Cost?

In addition to the rich flavor produced by FlavorMax™ Cartomizers, you can also enjoy Green Smoke® electric cigarettes at a significantly reduced price than traditional cigarettes.

How reduced of a price?

Considering that the average price for a pack of cigarettes in the United States is hovering around $6 a pack, I imagine most smokers would be very excited if they could buy their cigarettes for $4. Or even $3.

Well FlavorMax™ Cartomizers contain the vapor equivalent to 1.5 packs of traditional cigarettes, and each one can cost as low as $2.72.

So you would pay only $1.81 for the equivalent of 1 pack of cigarettes. Not a bad deal is it?

It's pretty clear that Green Smoke® Electric Cigarettes are a great option for any smoker looking to enjoy the freedom to smoke where they want to, as well as save money on their cigarettes without compromising on the flavor they deserve.

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