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Vapor Cigarettes Defined

Vapor cigarettes, smokeless cigarettes, e-cigs . . . with so many names for these innovative products it may be difficult to discern exactly what they are and how they work. Is the smoke-like substance created really just water vapor? Why do some call it smoking and others call it vaping?

The terminology can certainly confuse the issue, but that’s really a temporary problem. Vapor cigarettes have only been on the market in the U.S. since 2006, so it makes sense that some of the details still need to be worked out. Beyond terminology, though, what are vapor cigarettes?

Is it really just water vapor?

No, of course it’s not just water vapor, and at Green Smoke® we understand why those new to vapor smoking are skeptical when they hear such claims. Smokeless vapor wouldn’t make a very good cigarette alternative if it only contained water.

Instead, the smoke-like substance emitted by vapor cigarettes contains nicotine, USP Grade propylene glycol, USP Grade vegetable glycerin and in some cases flavoring agents. Aside from the nicotine component, chances are you have other products containing the same ingredients in your kitchen right now. You can learn more about how these ingredients function to create smokeless vapor on our FAQ.

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Should I call it smoking or vaping?

Wherever you go you will hear something different on this front. Some use the term smoking in reference to vapor cigarettes because of its familiarity. Others prefer vaping because they want to distance themselves from traditional cigarettes.

We at Green Smoke® don’t worry so much about the terminology. Our focus is on creating a quality product that our customers are satisfied vaping or smoking.

But vapor and smoke really aren’t the same thing!

That’s absolutely correct. Smoke is created by combustion, and smoking cigarettes means inhaling tar, carbon monoxide and thousands of other dangerous substances. Vapor is created by warming a liquid made up of four ingredients. One is costly and smelly; the other smells pleasant (if at all) and costs half as much or less.

You can imagine which of these we prefer here at Green Smoke®, but if you’re still unsure, why not try our smokeless vapor cigarettes and find out for yourself?

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